Remote Assist lets you add a chat button to your website, so patrons can easily reach your staff with questions. If you want to see how to get this set up, follow this guide.

If you don't have an account with JerseyConnect Remote Assist, contact the JerseyConnect help desk at

Getting started

  1. Any members of your staff that will answer chat questions should download the ISL Pronto client here:

    If you aren't able to log into ISL Pronto, make sure your Server is set to

  2. Select an email address that will be used for chat questions that come in when no staff members are online

For websites running WordPress

  1. Search the WordPress plugin directory for "ISL Pronto" and install and activate the Chat button for ISL Pronto plugin
  2. Browse to Settings → ISL Pronto settings and set the following values:

    Script URL
    Image path
    Offline URLmailto: + The email address you selected under Getting Started, or a URL of your choice
    DomainYour library's domain name as it appeared in your welcome email.
    Please contact if you have questions about this.
  3. Select a position and enable Show on all pages, then click Save Changes

For any other website

  1. Add the following code to your website, replacing YOUR_DOMAIN_NAME with your library's domain name and YOUR_OFFLINE_EMAIL_ADDRESS with the email you selected in Step 2.
    If you don't know your library's domain name, contact JerseyConnect Support ( ):

    Chat code for your website
    <a href="" id="islpronto_link">
      <img alt="Live chat" id="islpronto_image" src="" style="border:none" />
    <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

    You can also use a web page URL instead of an email address for the offline link, for example to send visitors to a contact form.


A number of customizations are available. For example:

  • Custom images for "Chat" and "Leave a message" icons
  • Satisfaction survey after chat is closed
  • Extra fields for staff to classify chats

Contact JerseyConnect Support for more information.

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